Gallery 1, recent work

The galleries are arranged in roughly chronological order with Gallery 1 latest work and Gallery 11 early work

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On The Stade (oil and wax) 150x250cm Under The Radar (acylic) 58x79cm Seafaring (gouache) 58x79cm Tzoveleki Requiem (oil and wax) 124x178cm
Structural Reform (acrylic) 58x78cm Last Supper (gouache) 58x78cm A Change of Worlds (acylic) 59x79cm Nothing To Report (acrylic) 59x79cm
Re-assemble (gouache) 59x79cm The Brothers Tzoveleki (oil and wax) 124x178cm Towards the latter end of the World (gouache) 59x79cm Time Will Have It's Fancy, Tomorrow or Today (oil and wax) 180x240cm
Automotion (acrylic) 59x79cm  





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