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Moving out of the rectangle. Made during live performance (theatre, music, dance etc.) and 'glimpses' of historic films.

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cabaret (acrylic) 150x200cm memories (acrylic) 150x200cm echoes (acrylic) 158x223cm eulogy (acrylic) 175x175cm





opposition (oil) 175x175cm Skiathos (acrylic) 150x200cm Archangel (acrylic) 55x75cm Degree of Distortion
annex (sketch model) (mixed media) 117x152cm annex (painted steel) 186x300x76cm off the wall (sketch model) (mixed media) 117x153cm off the wall (wood, ply mixed media) 256x270x65cm

sketch model

'Annex' available

sketch model

'Off the Wall' available





Manchuria (acrylic) 55x75cm theatre (acrylic) 55x75cm